(a select few)

The Clon

TV Pilot

Genre: Sci-fi/Supernatural

Logline:  A sheltered teenager struggles to find a balance between the strict traditions of her super powered family and the unrestricted life she craves.

The Clon sample  –  The pilot is adapted from the digital series Evolve WATCH THE TRAILER 

(2nd round at Austin Film Festival’s One Hour AMC TV Pilot competition)

Divided We Fall


Genre: Thriller

Logline:  Within a futuristic social class system, an idealistic couple move up to the elite class, but a growing rebellion forces them to make life altering decisions.



TV Pilot

Genre: Dramedy

Logline:  A frugal landlord faced with a decaying building decides to sell, but a new partnership gives him the encouragement to rebuild in more ways than one.


Silly of Me


Genre:  Family Drama

Logline:  Two selfish parents are stuck in a state of disconnect after their failed marriage, which has a devastating effect on their teenage son when he attempts to pursue a family of his own.

Silly of Me sample 

(staged reading with Asian American Film Lab)

French MGMT

TV pilot

Genre: Dramatic Satire

Logline:  A severely ambitious publicist sacrifices her own desires to uphold a strict unorthodox family tradition… success above all.

The Rebirth


Genre: Supernatural

Logline:  A desperate young woman’s encounter with a wolf brings about a life altering change… for the better